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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chicano Abstract, Modern and Minimailism

Chicano Artists use many forms to express the Chicano Experience. I will post (alphabetically) the works of several Chicano Artists delving in the abstract, modern and minimalism.

Cande Aguilar, Jr.

Connie Arismendi

The Leaf & The Flame

Linda Arreola

Monday, August 28, 2006

Chicano Minimalism

Fellow artists have dubbed the artwork of Ernest M. Saenz as Chicano Minimalism.

Minimalism is contemporary art and music with origins in the 1960s that emphasized simplicity and objectivity. Reacting against the formal excesses and raw emotionalism of abstract expressionism, practitioners of minimal art (also sometimes called ABC art) strive to focus attention on the object as an object, reducing its historical and expressive content to the bare minimum.

Los Voladores - The Flying Men by Ernest M. Saenz

Los Tres - The Three Men by Ernest M. Saenz

La Pareja - The Couple by Ernest M. Saenz

El Molcajete II - The Mortar by Ernest M. Saenz

La Tiendita - The Little Store by Ernest M. Saenz

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Artwork by Ernest M. Saenz

The artwork shown here was created by Ernest M. Saenz, Chicano Artist.

Saenz currently lives in San Diego and is working on pieces for an upcoming show in San Diego.

Saenz is a multidisciplinary artists that has nurtured many styles in painting and sculpting.

Taxista by Ernest M. Saenz

Ernest M. Saenz

Taco Shop by Ernest M. Saenz

Ernest M. Saenz

Molcajete by Ernest M. Saenz

Ernest M. Saenz

Jarron by Ernest M. Saenz

Ernest M. Saenz